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1. Would you eat non-breakfast meals (hamburgers, salads, pizza, etc.) for breakfast? - Um.. Well, I would, sure, but breakfast food is my favorite food ever? I’d MUCH RATHER have breakfast food for every meal!

2. What’s the most bizarre thing you’ve ever tasted (spitting it out still counts)? - Being a hunter, I give anything a try. Even though I’ve tried crocodile, shark, bison, elk, as well as other various types of game animals, I’d have to say the strangest was chukar, and it was GROSS. The only meat I’ve ever spit out. I do not like upland game.

3. Would you rather have a lot of room inside your house or a big yard? - Currently I have a small house and a HUGE yard. We absolutely do not have enough room for storage, and I can’t stand clutter. We’re actually looking for a larger house with a decent yard, I want both worlds!

4. Describe what a daddy long-legs is where you’re from. - Spiders that crawl around the ground that don’t have a separate cephalothorax and abdomen. My house is actually filled with a web spinning version of them, they’re harmless and I generally let them do their thing.

5. Hot beverage of choice? - Coffee

6. Cold beverage of choice? - Water. lol I’m so boring.

7. Car trip or plane trip? Why? - Plane, I get motion sickness very easily, even on a plane, but it’s faster.

8. How did you come to love your favorite animal? - Dogs! I really don’t know, I didn’t grow up with them, and what experience I did have with them growing up was awful (I have facial, hand, and leg scars from a bad attack) But now my life revolves around them.

9. What’s something that’s sure to make you smile? - When dogs give you that happy look and just wag their tails. I’m a softly for wagging tails.

10. Are you a browser or a power shopper? - I hate shopping, I only go shopping with a list and a goal in mine.. and still end up getting more than what I decided to go for. I almost never shop for clothes or anything else for myself.

11. If you had to get a(nother) tattoo tomorrow, what would it be of? - There’s this artist, I forgot her name, but she has this beautiful, abstract paint swatch style. I’d love something like that in earthy colors with the paw prints of my dogs incorporated in somehow.





Livestream procaster consumes large amounts of cpu for nothing. No joke, nothing. As a result your stream can become laggy and sometimes it can damage your hardware as your PC has to push itself to keep what your streaming functioning as well as possible.

"But if we can’t use procaster what can we use insteaaaaad?"

Simple. There’s two programs, both that are free, that you can use that uses very little CPU and has more options than procaster. These programs are called Xsplit and OBS. To keep your head in one piece, I’m going to go over how to stream on Livestream with Xsplit.

Under the cut of course.

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this dog I groomed today smiles back! 💞

I have a couple of those! I love the finish work on this guy!

Also I have the SAME groomer’s helper lead that you have, but mines like 8 years old and yours is so much more beautiful than mine!