Stalking people’s blogs that have blocked you, blacklisted you, and did everything to not interact with you, just so that you can go around and make posts on your own blog specifically against things on theirs, aimed at them.

Makes you a very toxic person that should be avoided at all costs.

Some of you may have seen that post of the screenshots of that VERY awful healer that threw around slurs and other demeaning phrases in a Brayflox normal I had.

Chances are, I just healed Syrcus Tower with them.

I didn’t mention it at all. I healed them, rezed them when they died, stoneskinned them, and outhealed the shit out of them. When the last item dropped, one they needed but I didn’t, I reminded them who I was, congrats’d them on the item, and bid them a good day.

I deleted that post hours after I made it after I cooled down. But it just goes to show that it’s sometimes really not that hard to be the better person.

Kill em with kindness.


i dont understand. i get so many phone calls a day asking if people can bring their dog in to be groomed like… today. like they call for an appt that day…

whereas a legit grooming salon is usually books at least a week or more in advanced! we may be a pet store that just so happens to have grooming but the rules still apply… our only groomer is here 3 days a week and is by appt only… if all these people made appts before hand then maybe she would be here more than 2-3 days a week.

she was supposed to do tomorrow but theres no appts. i bet i get 10000 calls tomorrow asking for grooming.


Your groomer should encourage her clients to book their next appointment 4/6/8 weeks in advanced, this is how those other salons are booked throughout the week. Those days have been booked for weeks.