Sweetened Milk


This is a really basic recipe my mom used to make for me. I especially like it for nights when I can’t wind down. It is definitely a comfort food but it can also provide some protein and carbs needed to generate some energy.


1 cup of Milk of whichever variety.

1/2 tablespoon of Sugar (white or brown)

1 tiny sliver of butter (optional)

More optional ingredients would be cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg. You can play around with the seasoning.


1. Mix ingredients in a cup

2. Heat in microwave (or at a low heat on the stove) just until the milk is warmed. You do not want it to boil.

3. Enjoy!

vandrysse asked:



Proof:What is an absurd situation your character has gotten into that others didn’t believe?

While this situation technically doesn’t fit the prompt criteria (he’s never told anyone about it), it is definitely absurd and I do not think anyone he knows currently would believe it happened!

A couple of years ago (both IRL and IC, scary how time flies) Ellister had a tenous-at-best grip over his worgen form. It frequently bled into his human mannerisms and he usually could not maintain control while in his furs. It was a common (and quite bad) habit of his to abstain from allowing his worgen form to assert itself during this time.

One evening, after a particularly long stint of abstinence from his furs, Miss Sego Ryder came upon him brooding at the outskirts of Stormwind. Against his better judgement he accompanied her for a walk in the moonlight. All sorts of inappropriate thoughts surfaced as they chatted and the doctor tried valiantly to maintain the upper hand over the insistent will of Goldrinn. Miss Ryder, taking note of her friend’s tension and distress, decided to apply an experimental pheromone concoction she’d been testing out. It was designed to calm those afflicted with the Curse but (unbeknownst to Sego) it had the unfortunate effect of arousal and affection when applied to men. Needless to say, Ellister did not stand a chance. Sego seemed to realize something was amiss when he began complimenting her eyes and picking a bouquet of flowers for her from the field…